Analogue Renaissance

Analogue Renaissance is a small company I founded in March 2007 and that went official by september 2007.
It designs, produces and sells electronic things of all kinds, but emphasis is on analogue musical instruments. Things that resurrect, improve and add functionality to the old ones and completely new designs.
A no-compromise philosophy is exercised. Only things are sold which are of the highest possible standard, from both a design and construction point of view (but without going to hilarious extremes). This to maximize durability and performance. Customer feedback is highly appreciated and almost always results in updated and improved products.
Analogue Renaissance is against the use of exotic and obsolete parts. Only common, mass-produced parts are used. This to ensure reliability and ease of repair in the unlikely event of failure.
Repair service for analogue synthesizers is also offered and you may expect some music in the not so distant future.

About Me

A kid born in '77 who started playing with electronics at the age of 10, is collecting electronic music since '88, active as a dj and organizes raves since '94, notably the mid-end '90s Ghent and Belgian west-coast acid scene. He has a masters degree in electronics and is now working for the photonics research group at Ghent university for IMEC and runs this little company as a side activity.

E-mail and order handling

As I have a full time job next to this company and want to keep a balance between the two, designing new things and numerous other things, I cannot always handle E-mails on a daily basis. I try to answer within a week.
Shipments are done about every 2 weeks (usually on Friday). So, yes, it can take 2 weeks for your order to be shipped after payment.
Shipping by registered mail takes about 10-14 days worldwide. All my-package-has-not-arrived mails within 21 days after the shipping date will be gracefully ignored. After that I will of course do all the possible to hunt down your package.

Stupid Question Fee

I never charge this. I just put this on my site as a quite effective way of reducing the amount of emails I get with questions that are already answered.


NameAnalogue Renaissance
Contact PersonJeroen Allaert
AddressBernard Spaelaan 22
B-9000 Gent
VAT numberBE 0891.179.481
IBANBE46 7330 4328 2036