AR80017A-GS Gravitational Slingshot upgrade

Namm show 2018

The production samples of these will be in a Juno-106 that's heavily modified by Syntaur, who distibute my parts, at their booth N10610.
In this Juno-106 will also be the prototypes of my illuminated faders for it.
Feel free to come over and play with it.
I will also be arround if you have any questions.

Sound Samples

Here are 2 short samples of the prototypes, quickly recorded straight from the Juno-106 with the onboard sound chip of my laptop. No extra effects or post-processing were done on them.
Note that the sweeping noise comes from the Juno's own chorus and that some glitches are present due to my laptop being overloaded with measurement software running at that time.

These are by no means representative of the final product. But, they should already be a good indication of the kind of sound I'm aiming for.

Prototype Demo 1
Prototype Demo 2



First small production run is now ready and on it's way to me.
I'll test them as soon as I have them.
If ok, they will be for sale and a larger production run will be done...